Saturday, November 4, 2017

UPSC Civil Services Mains 2017 Sociology Paper and Essential Sociology

Hi friends,

We thank you so much for the tremendous response for the book. And a testimony for it is that the book has ran out of stock within a few months of its release. However, the book is undergoing reprint and shall be available soon.

Another matter of pride for us is that, almost all the questions of Sociology Mains 2017 Paper were from this book and apparently the book passed its first test of UPSC after its publication.

For example, questions like ― Yogendra Singh's idea of Modernization of Tradition, idea of Gandhi and Ambedkar on caste, various theories of social change, cultural and structural views of caste and change in caste, New Social Movements, development related imbalances (development and dependency), causes of low sex ratio in developed states, Islam in India, distinction between family and household, distinction in kinship and family in North and South India, dominant caste, tribes and religion (or tribes and caste and changes in tribal identity), Marxian Historical Materialism as a critique of Hegelian Idealism and so on ― are explained very clearly in the book. These are some of the questions which have to be often researched from multiple sources or are very difficult to be found in standard text books for a satisfactory grasp on them. Apart from them, all the conventional questions that were asked in 2017 Mains Exam are there in the book.

We are extremely happy that the book must have proved very handy to all of you in the exam and we also hope that it will continue to prove useful in future also.

Seema and Nitin